My name is Tania Melnikova and I was born in 1970 in Belarus. The best thing my country of origin has given me is music education. I studied in the Minsk Conservatory as a pianist up to 24 years of age and even though I worked little as a musician, music is a very important part of my life.

In 1995 I moved to Kiev (Ukraine). Here I started studying photography in the Fotomaster school of one of the most important Ukrainian photographers: Alex Abramov. I also studied under a great portrait photographer: Leonid Levit.

In 2006 I got married and moved to Ravenna (Italy) where I live with my husband Giovanni and our 5 adorable dogs Taniushka, Horowitz, Opalino, Rubelia and Soldino.

Among my clients there are several large Italian breeders and dog lovers, but also from Switzerland, Belgium, Austria, France, Germany, Finland, Russia.

My husband (dog trainer, ethology and history studious, author of 4 books,) helps me in my work.