My adventure with dog ads started totally accidentally. I can only say that my mom is a good drawer and my grandfather was as well. I was a web developer before and I started breeding frenchies at that time. I did few graphics for my friends. It was a time when social media came to play. One of the most respected frenchie breeder gave me a green light to design something. Showed it on facebook later and my designs became more popular.

Throught out the years I worked out my own signature style. That means black and white ads with chiaroscuro. People often ask me where I get my inspirations from? Well…everything can give me an idea for an ad. It can be a movie, photo, clothes or tv commercial. You need to have your mind kept open. It is not something you can learn. You born with ‘an eye’ or not. I have never copied other works but I often see people try to copy mine. And this is not the way.

Right now my ads have been appreciated by breeders in more than 40 countries all over the world. Been published in World’s Best Dogs Magazines, books, annuals, calendars. My biggest achievement was a display at Cruft’s. Right now my graphics will be available for ‘bigger audience’ and are going to be used as phone cases, macbook cases, mugs etc. And my next dream for the future is to have my own dog magazine.