“In the Waterloo Cup of 1892 Fullerton set a seal on his fame and broke all records by winning outright for the third year running-after having divided with his kennel companion Troughend (whom he could assuredly have beaten) in his puppy season. On this occasion great interest was centred in this event; the eyes of all courseres, and a vaste concourse of those who, as a rule, pay little attention to the affairs of the leash, where bent of the contest and all items of news connected with it were greedily scanned”

The history of coursing – The Waterloo Cup

Fullerton is considered the best greyhound in the history of english coursing. He won the Waterloo Cup four times: 1889, 1890, 1891 and 1892.

He was bought by “Colonel” John Thomas North, better known as “The Nitrate King”, directly from the breeder Edward Dent for 850 guineas, a price never paid before for a pup. He was trained by Dent.

After he lost in the Waterloo Cup of 1893, Fullerton was brought at Avery Hill, from which he escaped.

When he was found, he was brought back to the Short Flat Tower, to his breeder and trainer Dent, where he remained at his side for the rest of his life.