Marco De Mirto was born in 1979 in San Cesario di Lecce, a small town in the southernmost tip of Italy (i.e. Salento). He has dedicated many years to music as he excellently plays jazz guitar. From about 2008, he has returned to his first love for figurative art, for which he has shown a great inclination since childhood.
«When I began to get interested in painting – Marco says – my starting point was the pictorial tradition of the 17th century Neapolitan Baroque, widely diffused in my land. So, after attending the Art School, my only training has been the observation of those masterworks – since I am purely self-taught – as well as the study of the technique and style used by the painters of the past». He offers a contemporary interpretation of this “ancient layer”, moving by a metaphoric and ironic inspiration.

He has started a collaboration with some art historians of the University of Salento (Lecce, IT), who wrote many critical notes about his works, and with some Italian and international galleries.