Tim Cantor was born north of San Francisco in the summer of 1969.

In 1975, Tim Cantor’s father recognized his son’s uncommon knowledge with drawing and went into his attic in search of a box of oil points and brushes that once belonged to Tim’ great grandfather. Tim immediately began painting with the same supplies that his British ancestor had made a way of life with as he traveled throughout Asia, Europe, and America nearly a century earlier.

Tim’s comprehension with oils was instantly visible, and his obsession began.

His first oil pointing came at age five. By age fifteen, Tim Cantor was given his first gallery exhibition where one of his paintings was acquired to hang in the White House, thereby instigating an immediate demand for his unusual talent.

Throughout the following years, his paintings would travel the world with exclusive exhibitions in Athens, Tokyo, Singapore, Paris Venice, New York, Beverly Hills and San Francisco.

Creating meaningful works of art become intertwined with his survival his desires, and his greatest affections.

His paintings often mix stylized scattered visions of animals, portraits, trees intricate fabrics, and even the resemblance of his wife Amy. His love for his wife consistently finds way into his works as he hides the letters of her name into many compositions.

The majority of his time creating his paintings has been lived in the solitude and quietness of night. Thusly, his underlying concentration gained a connection to his personal sense that not only transpires within his paintings, but has also aided in the development of his own writing style. This unique style acts as poetic descriptions, explaining much of the profound metaphors within his compositions.

In 2015, Tim Cantor began working closely with the Gramm Award winning band lmagine Dragons. Tim created the cover far their second album Smoke + Mirrors as well as 13 paintings to represent each song on the LP.

His art made way into their concert stage designs and the music video SHOTS. As well, a large gallery of his paintings went on tour with the band, presented at over sixty shows throughout North America and Asia. Smoke + Mirrors reached number one in the world on the Billboard Top 200.

Tim Cantor has become exceedingly unpredictable. His paintings have no defined style.

Classified as a modern artist, his technique bears the qualities of historical Dutch and Rennaissance painters, French Neo-classical works, and even impressionism. His erratic mind is strewn with ideas, far too many to create, but this is likely one of the foremost reasons he thrives in the frenzied world of art. He is his own. And while the future of his art is unknown, what can be assured is the determination that he has to his undying obsession.

Tim Cantor has gained a unique following of diverse enthusiasts and collectors of his art that comprise of people from all parts of the world.  Interestingly, if he lives an average length life, he will likely have one of longest authentic art careers known. One could say that this mysterious artist possesses a rare combination of extraordinary talent, unpredictability, and pure artistic nature to set his name in the history books of tomorrow.

Yet for now, Tim Cantor keeps far from the crowd, shrouded in his studio, painting every night from midnight until morning