The father’s love for nature influenced her childhood and her ability to describe it’s details.

She dropped school when she was fifteen, and her father took part of his work in a typography in Leicester which was looking for a new apprentice. The job was offered to her immediately, with the possibility to attend to the Leicester College of Art. In 1963 she obtained the national degree in graphic design.

Since the beginning she achieved great success, taking part in small conventions. It was thanks to a visit at a Art Deco exhibition that Diane’s carreer skyrocketed. She spent a lot of time studying the clothing of the period and started first with a figure of a woman with a dog, and then a study of a woman with a fox fur on her shoulders. She dedicated a lot of time experimenting this particular, but the result was impeccable.

She spent the following months creating a print collection of Art Deco style which includes a series named “Ladies and their Dogs”, where the dogs are objectified like accessories and at the same time, the clothes were designed to be paired with the dogs.

The series “Ladies in Evening Gowns”, had a notable success, so much that shocked the public about the real nature of the drawings which it was thought they were models for the clothes.

To advertise her work, she attempted to work on a brand new project, creating two new designs in gold and silver on a black background, implying another experimentation to determin how the complexions can be reproduced on black while maintaining the clean lines of the clothes. The decision to use crystals added a new challenge to her work, since it was a faceted material which reflected light from more points. These works seemed to be very popular and are different from every other work, present and past.

Between many exhibitions, she has been a close-up artist in 2006 at St Gemmas Hospice Art Exhibition after being chosen unanimously by the public and by the selection committee in 2005. Ultimately her works are much coveted by collectors from around the world. She has a gallery in Delray Beach, Florida, that holds her paintings. Diane Kaye joined Fine Art America in 23 April 2010.