(1756/57 – 1822)

English illustrator and engraver of animals, he worked both with oil and watercolors.

Quaker of Nottinghamshire, he initially worked for fun but when his family found itself in financial trouble, he moved to London and made art his work.

For a period of time he was a teacher at the school of Samuel Goodenough in Ealing and, in 1783, exhibited three drawings of venatorial subjects with the Incorporated Society of Artists where he exhibited continuously, while at the Royal Academy he exhibited in 1784 with only one painting and in 1785 with two.

He married the sister of Thomas Rowlandson, with which he shared the artistic thought but, unlike him, Howitt was a sportive and experienced person and his paintings were definitely more accurate.

He was much ingenious and resourceful, a thing that allowed him to live of his art.