I was born in 1964 and I am working as an operator at Vynova Belgium. When I will be retired, I’m going to continue to spend my time searching for photographic opportunities.

I never attended any classes or courses about photography. I have a few family members who can draw or paint, so creating “images” was something I was automaticly attracted/addicted to.

As soon as I earned my first money, I bought my first camera. At this moment I use the Canon 1DX in combination with several prime lenses.

I am a big fan of high-speed/slow motion shots taken with filmcameras (National Geographic)….. In my photography I prefer to create the same atmosphere by freezing action that only took a millisecond….and getting a photo that tells a whole story.

At an exhibition I like to notice people analysing every detail of your photo. If they do, you can be sure you did a good job….

I won several International Awards with my photos, in Europe and all around the world, and was invited to Awards ceremony’s in London/Linz/Berlin/Abu Dhabi.