In 2007, Tony Nevett decided to get a qualification in Animal Assisted Therapy. Inspired by his greyhound Scotts Kelly, an ex-racer champion, he was accepted due to his characteristics.

Once a Pets As Therapy dog, Tony read about the Reading Education Assistance Dogs, or R.E.A.D., based in Utah in the USA, where he took the examination. Both Tony and Scotts made it into the R.E.A.D. program and Scotts became the first R.E.A.D. dog in Europe.

Tony became an ambassador for the program, which aims to help people to love books and reading, thanks to the help of a friend that doesn’t judge, just listens. 

Anyone who appreciate being in company of a greyhound knows how trusty, calm and supportive they are.

As Scotts became a celebrity, Tony decided to adopt another greyhound: Danny. He found him in a rescue site in Ireland and joined Scotts in Tony’s house.

Tony noticed that his behavior was calm just like Scotts, so he took them together on visits. Danny became a Pets As Therapy dog and a Blue Cross Education Dog too.

Unfortunately, Scotts passed away, so Danny was forced to continue the “quest” alone.

He soon became requested in all of the UK and became very famous, he even won the Pride of Northamptonshire award and the IFAW award too.

Tony and Danny appeared on many TV shows for children including the BBC, and so Danny’s carreer skyrocketed. He has even his own books describing his adventures: Danny Goes to London and Danny Strikes Out In America.

In order to become a good therapy dog, a greyhound must possess seven characteristics: it needs to be friendly, patient, confident, gentle and at ease in all situations. It also needs to enjoy human contact and to be handled and petted, even by strangers.