(Fabriano, 1370 – Rome, September 1427)

Italian painter, one of the most important representatives of the International Gothic.

He was the typical figure of the itinerant artist: he preferred traveling to search various job opportunities rather than staying in a workshop. There are no certain informations about his education.

The first chronologic info dates back to 1408, when he was in Venice for a fresco in Doge’s Palace, but there are no evidences about it anymore.

From 1414 to 1419 in Brescia, then Fabriano and then Siena, in 1422 in Florence he created the Adoration of the Magi (Galleria degli Uffizi).

Still in Florence in 1425 to create the polyptych Quaratesi (now divided between museums in London, Vatican City, Florence and Washington).

In 1427 he’s in Rome for a cycle of frescos in the Basilica of Saint John that were then destroyed. He died in Rome the same year.