Christelle Link, born in Alsace in 1976, discovers art at a young age and learns to draw and paint alone. She’s inspired by great artists like Dalì, Matisse, Picasso and Robert Combas but even by the free figuration (Figuration Libre), the comics and by the primitive art.

She paints a form of a carefree nudity, a form of an expression of freedom, tolerance, connection with the universe but also a tribute to freedom of women, in particular the wild women and witches.

She works mainly with natural scenes, full of lunar or magic symbols, a constant recall to our belonging to a living whole and our universal humanistic values. The goal of her creations is to bring joy and enthusiasm to a carefree and naive look. The artist open the doors to her world, full of colours and made of free characters, bringing with her new standards and a new way of living.

Christelle Link draws and paints proverbs from all around the world, expressions and popular symbols, to tell stories and share joy. The artist created a universal pictorial language, fresh and playful, to make us dream or to question us on social issues like the environment or human convictions.

Christelle Link offers a universe that’s creative, colorful, poetic, positive, symbolic, populated by original creatures. The drawings are precise, she paints many details with meticulousness, preferring areas full of lively colours in acrylic on canvas or the colored inks game on paper. Witness of her time and part of a constant evolution, her art is anchored to humor and benevolence.

She lives with her prime whippet Snoopy in Arcèche, France.