My name is Heidi Koivula and I am living in Finland.
I was interested in photography already in my childhood. However the time was so different, because there were only film cameras in practice. My first camera was also a film camera.
In those days, you couldn’t think about fast continuous shooting speed or thousands of shots a day, when every single photo cost money.

I bought my first digital camera in 2000, the camera was Canon Digital IXUS. At the same time it was also my first Canon camera. The jump from film to digital was a huge step. I was very enthusiastic because I could take a lot of photos for free. I was happy, but I couldn’t even think about how much photography would still change in twenty years.

My biggest passion in photography is photographing dogs in action – especially sighthounds.
Thus I think the second huge step in my photography history was the moment I bought Canon EOS 5D Mark III in the spring 2013. It changed everything when I noticed that the camera body was so fast. First time I felt that it was easy to take action photos.

I have photographed track racing and lure coursing events in Finland for several years. However, nothing inspires me more than freely running and playing happy sighthounds.
Nowadays I mainly use Canon EOS R5 for my photography and I love it. It is a very good camera and it is also my first mirrorless camera. I can’t say that the step from DSLR to mirrorless would have been a huge change to me. Canon EOS 5D Mark III and Canon EOS 5D Mark IV camera bodies have also been so great for action photography.

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