Modena, 1858 – Roma, 1939

Vittorio Reggianini was an Italian painter specializing in genre subjects including elegant scenes from bourgeois life.

He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Modena where he was a pupil of A. Simonazzi and G. Cappell, where he later became a professor.

In 1884 he won the second Poletti prize with Sassolo de ‘Sassoli.

In 1885 he moved to Florence, where he too worked for the Pisani gallery, with a successful genre production, appreciated for the almost miniaturistic rendering of fabrics and furnishings.

Like many of his contemporaries, Reggianini moved to Florence where, in 1900, he participated in the Alinari Competition with a painting entitled Tristis Matris Nati Presaga Finis.

Reggianini also exhibited with the Florentine Art Association in 1907/8 and again at the 1910/11 exhibition.

He was affiliated with Florentine genre painters such as Federico Andreotti (1847-1930) and Francesco Vinea (1845-1902) painting similar subjects, using similar props, sometimes sharing the same model and like them he engraved a number of le his works, “Firenze”.

Reggianini combined fantasy with reality, sensuality with sensitivity and above all, like many of the painters of the Florentine historical genre, furnished his costumes in luxury.