Arms : Vert a Fesse wavy per fesse wavy Argent and Azure over all an Oak Tree fructed Or.
Crest : Issuant from a Mural Crown a Garb Or charged with the Blade of a Miner’s Shovel Sable.
Supporters : On the dexter side a Lion rampant queue fourchee Sable gorged with a Saxon Crown Or and on the sinister side a Greyhound Argent gorged with a like Crown with line reflexed over the back Azure.
Motto: ‘SAPIENTER PROFICIENS’ – Progress with wisdom


The shield shows the natural features of the county.
The wave refers to the Trent river and the oak refers to the Sherwood forest.
Upon the crest there is a golden mural crown that symbolizes the local government.
The elements on the crown represent the carbon extraction and agriculture, which are the traditional county occupations.
The tail of the black lion represent the weapons of the Dukes of Portland, while the silver greyhound represent the weapons of the Duke of Northumberland.
Both the lion and the greyhound are indicated with the Saxon crown, in memory of the foundation of Nottinghamshire by the Saxon in 918 ad