“Landscape provides inspiration without judgement. I don’t think a tree cares how you draw it. A tree has never thrown a pine cone at me in protest.”

I invite you to go back to any one of my pictures and spend a minute, 60 seconds, focused on the marks. This is where I live. In my best drawings every mark is a character, every stroke is evocative. As I age, I grow further from rendering likenesses. A landscape setting, a still life arrangement, and a portrait situation have each become springboards to more abstract responses. If these images strike you as strictly representational I encourageyou to get a little closer…closer…to see the drawings within the drawings. The big picture is designed in the first two seconds. The time is in the marks. The time is being there, in the present. It is important for me to be out in the landscape responding to details my mind could never conjure.