A Maestro of Timeless Realism

Renowned for his sumptuous oil paintings, Count de Claviere’s art is a celebration of rich and romantic realism that transcends the moment. Born in Lyon, France, in 1934, the Count began his serious painting pursuits at the age of 35, bringing to the canvas a vision of remarkable maturity and tenderness.

Hailed by The Wall Street Journal as “one of the foremost animaliers of this century,” Count de Claviere’s artistic repertoire spans a wide spectrum. From provincial to cosmopolitan landscapes, champion thoroughbreds, Borzois, and various dogs, to cats, polar bears, tigers, elephants, dolphins, and beyond, his oeuvre is nothing short of extensive.

The Count is perhaps best known for his portraits of both domestic and wild animals. He gained international acclaim when the French government commissioned him to paint Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s favorite royal steed, Birman. Presented as a gift, the painting now graces Her Majesty’s private collection. Additionally, the Count painted portraits of the Queen’s Welsh Corgi prize-winners, Smokey and Alybar, the preferred fox-hunting companion of Prince Charles.

Count de Claviere’s ability to capture the heart and soul of his subjects led the Mayor of Deauville, France, to note that his paintings are “neither illustration nor photography… but the soul, spirit, and life of the exceptional and perfect moment.” Heavily influenced by Velasquez, Poussin, Rembrandt, Oudry, Thomas Stubbs, and Italian Renaissance painters, the Count describes himself as an artist who “views the modern from a classical perspective.”

“My painting is not based on color but on brightness and shadow,” asserts the Count. “I suppose my work is a personal quest for the ‘pour quoi’ (why) of life. Art is the shortest path between life and the inexpressible.”

In every stroke and hue, Count de Claviere’s art beckons viewers into a world where classical perspective meets modern brilliance, capturing the essence of life’s extraordinary and perfect moments.