Valladolid (Spain), 28 May 1887 – 1935

In the academic year 1902/1903 he wins a prize at the art school as a sculptor and the following year wins another from the provincial corporations.

His first teacher was the sculptor Angel Diaz, to whom he was forever grateful, even if he was a student of Lucian Sanchez Santarén.

In 1906 the deputy Don José Muro purchased a boy’s sketch and the same year went to study at the San Fernando Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Madrid. There, his teachers were Muñoz Degrai and Alejo Vera.

In november 1907 Valladolid, his hometown, rendered homage to the poet Emilio Ferrari. Gallo sculpted “The Bust of the Illustrious Poet”, that was donated the next year to the city council.

In 1910 he participates together with the sculptor Tomas Arguello in the contest held by the city council as a candidate to a scholarship, and the two young sculptors will split the prize won by both with the busts of Maria di Molina.

Il 1912 exposes for the first time at the Salon of Paris with his work “Apostle”. In the same year, at the Regional Exhibition of Valladolid, he shows up with five works, including  his most known one “The Violinist”

His next carreer is pretty much unknown, just like we don’t know for certain his date of death, which it should be happened in Paris in 1935.