Born in 1992. My friends call me “Ari”.

My passion for dogs was born with me, but the one for catching them in an instant forever came out while I was coming close to adulthood, a glorious Yashica FX-3 Super 2000 was my accomplice. After various rolls that didn’t came out quite right I decided to buy my first digital DSLR (Canon Eos 500D), for my eighteenth birthday.

Over the years the time I was able to dedicate to this passion has experienced some ups and downs due to life’s unpredictability and its rhythms, alas, too frenetic. As soon as I had the opportunity to dedicate more time to myself and my passions, photography took a much more important role, my passion for dogs and portraits did the rest.

Other than having the pleasure of picture them, I also have the luck of sharing my life with a sweet puppy, my beautiful Phoebe.