My name is Nuelle Flipse, born in 1971, I live in the Netherlands and I specialize in dog photography.

In my previous job as a coach and supervisor I felt that I was still missing “a piece of the whole puzzle” of happiness. I didn’t really consider myself a creative person, but it turned out that I am !! When I started photographing my dog, something happened. I finally found what I was looking for. My dog, Zoë the Whippet has become not only my Muze, but also my inspiration!

In my photography I try to bring my emotions and the interpretation of the moment into my photos. I hope the viewer sees what I saw, hears what I felt at that moment.

I am a well-rounded photographer. This means that I am not only a studio photographer, but also specialize in outdoor with natural light and action photography. For me personally this means taking amazing photos in all types of photography. Quality in all photos, no matter if it’s in the studio, outdoors or in action!

I always take a lot of time with the dog that is in front of my camera so I can get to know the dog model personality as best I can. Personality and character are unique to each individual dog. The human aspects that we often recognize in our dogs are, among other things, what makes us feel so close to them. And it is precisely this aspect that I try to express in my photography.

I get a lot of positive feedback from dog owners, photography lovers and other great (dog) photographers. This makes me happy and proud! Many of them started asking me to teach them my style of photography. They wanted to know how I get my kind of images. This is why and when I started developing seminars that are all about dog photography. I teach: action, portraits in natural light and photo editing with Photoshop.

I am also the founder of the DAFS workshops, Dogs At Full Speed. I dedicated the DAFS to dogs and action and developed this unique workshop for a one-of-a-kind workshop of action photography. I have won several International photo awards and this is just “the icing on the cake” for me!

My passion is photographing dogs of all kinds but I have a special love for greyhounds. They touch me emotionally and I can’t get enough photos of them!